Physics Forceps by GoldenMisch
Our office is proud to use the Physics Forceps by GoldenMisch Dental for our tooth extraction needs. Physics Forceps are a unique extraction system that provides our patients with predictable extractions that are fast and efficient. This extraction system allows us to preserve the bone, eliminate root tip fractures, and extract teeth without cutting the gums.

Traditional extraction methods require the doctor to grasp the tooth, squeeze and twist the tooth to loosen and then remove it. This method can lead to damage of the socket and bone and is traumatic to the patient. The Physics Forceps method combines the body's chemical reaction to certain stimuli and the Physics Forceps innovative design, the doctor can now avoid unnecessary trauma for the patient.

The Physics Forceps system works by putting light but constant pressure on the tooth. This pressure causes a chemical change to occur, causing the release of fibers around the tooth. Once the tooth is released, it can be removed simply by hand. The Physics Forceps system produces less trauma to the bone, thus preserving the bone and socket structure.

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