ViziLite® Plus
ViziLite® Plus is an oral cancer screening system designed to help oral healthcare professionals identify, evaluate, monitor, and mark abnormal lesions in the mouth, including precancerous and cancerous cells that may be difficult to see during a traditional exam. The ViziLite® Plus system allows your doctor to detect early those lesions that may require additional treatment or diagnosis.

How ViziLite® Plus Works

In order to understand how ViziLite® Plus works, it is important to understand the process cells undergo when mutating from normal to cancerous. During this change the replication of nuclear DNA occurs at an accelerated rate. The DNA will begin to take up a greater percentage of cell volume.

The ViziLite® Plus pre-rinse solution desiccates the cells to make the nuclei more prominent, and in the process more visible. The handheld light source then reflects off of these abnormal cells where the nuclei is more prominent and as a result they appear to glow. This allows the doctor to see these abnormal cells that would have otherwise been invisible to the naked eye.

Oral Cancer Risk

Our office incorporates the ViziLite® Plus system due to the high fatality associated with oral cancers that are not detected early. Patients with an increased risk for oral cancer include those who are 40 years or older or those who are between the ages of 18 and 39 and who smoke, drink alcohol heavily or have an Oral HPV 16/18 infection. Those who are at the greatest risk are those who are 65 or older with lifestyle factors or with a history for oral cancer.

Even if you do not have risk factors for oral cancer, we believe in testing every patient. Approximately 25% of oral cancers are discovered in patients with no lifestyle risk factor.
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