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Prevention: Ending the Cycle of Worsening Dental Needs

Cost Effective Treatment Delivery

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It is generally accepted that as dental patients, we all "know" that we are supposed to do all the things our dentists or specialists want us to do.

And of course, we try to do the best we can with maintaining our dental health habits. Chances are though, we tend to let certain things slide from time to time. Financial resources can easily become tight at times, especially with larger families or having simultaneous dental treatment needs for more than one family member.

Our local University of Texas student population is also known to develop unusual needs for treatment that oftentimes require delays due to financial issues that are unique to being a student.

Today's economic downturns are creating new challenges for our patients who are either in the middle of treatment or need to receive a component of treatment to stop or arrest conditions that can cause increased expense if left untreated.

Delaying Treatments Creatively

Although it is quite common for all of us to put off or forestall certain recommended treatments, certain interventions, if not implemented within certain time frames.... can cause untold effects for overall oral health.

To prevent prolonged delay, our office has access to a variety of resources that are designed to best help individuals and families to get the treatments they need on a timely basis.

As with anything in dental health care.... conditions don't improve with time (although we may learn to adjust or manage the problem). And, as in general, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry, treatments tend to become more complex and costly the longer we delay treatment.

Case History Example

Pictured here is an example of how the need for a full mouth reconstruction (due to gum disease, xerostomia) is divided into treatment modules that enabled the patient to spread out treatment without the risk of additional bone and tissue loss and tooth loss.

Within five (5) months the upper jaw was totally reconstructed, with total arrest of periodontitis in the lower jaw. Subsequent treatments will focus on developing an implant supported porcelain bridge for the lower jaw.

Prevent Worse

Patients who have significant disease (periodontal diseases or acid erosion in particular) processes or occlusal problems (too much or not enough) typically have complex treatment needs. Since many tooth replacement procedures and products for replacing one or more missing teeth require not only healthy tissue (infection free) but some degree of bone density, delaying treatment can create advanced problems.

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Bad bite issues that are causing wear and tear on soft tissues (gums - gingiva) or are suspected to be causing other teeth to move or shift can be treated in a modular fashion, where critical needs are treated immediately. Supportive or aesthetic aspects of treatment are delayed sensibly and with financial convenience.

Best Resource Timing

Springstone Patient Financing
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Many of Dr. Scalzitti's treatment plans can be designed to be modular and, in most instances, designed to be more affordable for individuals needing treatments to occur within a certain time frame. Inexpensive and interest free financing resources make this possible.

Dr. Scalzitti invites patients to inquire about our specialized (modular) treatment plans that prevent costs or treatment needs from increasing. The resources our office commonly uses for creating these cost saving treatment plans include:
  • CapitalOne Credit - offers interest-free and fixed rate loans. Payment plans up to 60 months with low monthly payments
  • Chase Health Advance, a division of J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. that offers financing resources for dental care with customizable payment plans.
  • CareCredit, a popular provider promoted by many reconstructive dentistry practices and orthodontists. Care Credit offers a variety of flexible payment plans with a choice of interest rates as low as Zero. Apply at 1-800-365-8295.
  • Springstone Patient Financing Offers attractive interest rates and easy payment plans for up to $40,000 of treatments.
  • VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
Contact our office today at (512) 263-3330 to make arrangements for discussing how our financing resources can be creatively used to prevent treatment needs from increasing. You can also use our Consultation Form for making these arrangements.

Have a particular question in mind? You can also contact Dr. Scalzitti directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form, to obtain some answers to your dental questions. Get the objective information you need for having the opportunity to get the timely treatments you may need for stopping the cycle of things getting worse.

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