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Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Implant Anchoring for Dentures

Although IMTEC mini implants are a popular choice for patients seeking a snug denture fit with the least amount of invasive surgery, traditional larger size implants can offer more treatment options for a wider range of patients. (Click here to learn about the Imtec product line).

Traditional Implant Physics


Mini implant devices require healthy, dense bone for successful placement and endurance. The mandible, or lower jawbone, is very dense and, mini implants are used predominantly in the lower jaw for securing a denture.

The upper jaw, however, is usually not as dense (more porous) which can prevent implant placements from succeeding for many patients. Bone augmentation, or grafting, for mini implants in the upper jaw is not usually recommended.

Standard Implants + Locators

Standard (non-mini) implants are larger in diameter and length. Although the degree of invasiveness (preparation of the implant site) correspondingly increases with the size required for ideal function, denture implants are larger than mini's yet can still require only minimal surgery.

Retention versus Support

Traditionally, mini implants keep dentures in place (retention) and help to conserve bone quality (no large scale bone loss as with regular non implant dentures). The denture still "rests" somewhat on the gums and jawbone ridge.

Larger implants allow the dentist to shift the "load" that normally occurs with normal biting and chewing directly to the implant devices, thereby providing more bone stimulation and nearly eliminating wear and tear on gum tissues.

Loose denture implants Austin
Nice Smile but No Confidence
Marginal Function
Unlike a conventional bridge, a chrome cobalt (popular metal used in partials) reinforced denture prosthetic with locator attachments allows the patient to remove this type of bridge product at will, making oral hygiene activities easy to accomplish.

Rehabilitative Prosthodontics

The patient presented here had been wearing denture products for quite some time. Although implant supported, they were loose, uncomfortable and didn't feel natural.

She felt like her dentures "looked like" dentures and was self conscious about her smile.

The configuration of dental implants and abutment devices in her upper jaw did not seem to provide the stability that could enable her to bite into or eat anything she desired.

Because of the implant spacing and denture design, unpredictable flexing of the upper denture occured.

Upper Jaw denture implants Austin
Healthy Implants - But Wrong Type

Non Invasive Implant Modification

Dr. Scalzitti altered the implant interfaces and designed a denture prosthetic that would incorporate a chrome cobalt metal mesh device. Titanium can optionaly be used for even more strength.

This reinforcement material creates a denture that has stability and functional value that is nearly identical to titanium bridgework.

A custom designed reinforcing mesh is first molded and adapted to follow the contours of the patient's bony ridge and to mount onto the dental implants.

Bridgework Function at Denture Pricing

Titanium Chrome Cobalt Denture Reinforcement TX
Sturdy Chrome Cobalt Reinforcement Metal
The unique casting process incorporates numerous perforations thereby assuring a light weight product that provides rock solid resistance to flexing... under any biting force imagineable.

Once a perfect fit is made for the metal mesh to follow the natural contour of the patient's jawbone, complete with the locations for attachment, a custom dental lab fabricates the prosthesis.

Since the patient wanted a denture product that didn't look like a common denture, custom IPN denture teeth were individually selected to create replacement teeth that looked natural, similar to porcelain crowns.

Denture Bridge
Chrome Cobalt Core Denture

Lower Jaw Implant System

The existing configuration of implants and mounting bar in the mandible was not altered. A replacement prosthetic was fabricated using custom IPN denture teeth that matched the quality, contours, sizing and color shading of the new upper denture teeth.

Teeth were individually selected to assure the cosmetic outcome desired by the patient.

The cosmetic lower denture incorporated attachment devices that provided a very snug fit, compared to what the patient had before in her older dentures.

Mandible Denture Implants Travis
Mirrored View
Lower Implant Attachment Bars

Snap In Denture Features

As can be seen in the adjacent photos, the upper denture has attachment devices that are different from the lower denture. These two different types of snap-in devices create the tightest fit possible.

Dr. Scalzitti's patients are provided with special tools and user replaceable attachment parts that make replacements easy and do not require additional dental visits.

Dental implants have long been considered the Gold Standard for tooth replacement solutions. Removeable prosthetics that are designed to attach directly to implant systems enable patients to exercise a degree of oral hygiene that many patients with fixed bridges are unable to achieve.

Snap In Lower Denture
Snap In Lower Denture Fittings
Titanium implants require as much, perhaps more, attentive care to assure bacteria and food debris don't accumulate around the implants or attachment bars.

Dr. Scalzitti's denture implant solutions assure easy access for routine cleaning with common flossing products and even water irrigation devices such as the WaterPik.

Implant failure due to bacteria and plaque build up (yes, plaque can accumulate on implants) is virually eliminated with implant supported prosthetics, providing a reasonable opportunity to have implants that last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Prosthodontist Travis
Cosmetic Denture Prosthodontics

Normalized Function

Cosmetic dentures secured with implant anchoring systems are delivering a quality of tooth replacement that wasn't achievable just a few years ago.

Custom denture teeth, attachment systems for nearly any bone condition and metallic core prosthetics can deliver the cosmetic results and endurance that, at one time, were considered possible only with conventional bridgework.


Contact our support staff or our Implant Team at (512) 263-3330 or use our convenient Ask The Dentist contact form to arrange a private consultation.

Learn more about the treatment choices for tooth replacement procedures that can include traditional dental implants, conventional porcelain bridgework and our popular removeable titanium or chrome cobalt core prosthetics.

Obtain the details you need for making an informed decision about which combinations of cosmetic and implant dentistry treatment will provide the function and cosmetic outcome desired with affordability choices that are hard to find.

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