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Emergency Care

A woman in pain seeks emergency dental care as she holds her aching cheek.We know your dental emergency is bound to happen at a time that you least expect it. Whether you’re suffering from a broken filling, severe toothache, or a chipped tooth – we can help.

Fast Pain Relief

Our number one priority is to alleviate all of your pain and discomfort as quickly as possible. Then, if needed, we’ll discuss restorative options with you to help you repair your broken or infected tooth.

Some of the most common dental emergencies that we treat include:

  •    Fractured Teeth
  •    Crowns that Fall Off
  •    Broken Dentures or Partial Dentures
  •    Toothaches
  •    Broken Fillings

A man in pain with signs of distress on his face holds his cheek with both hands.All of our existing patients can reach us by phone after hours or over the weekend. One of our staff members is always on call. We may be able to call in a pain reliever to get you through the weekend, or we can arrange to meet you at our office if the emergency requires urgent attention.

New patients – please call us as soon as you find yourself experiencing an emergency. We will arrange to work you into our daily schedule as quickly as you can arrive at our office. Call now! We are here for all your family’s dental needs.