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Reconstructive Implant Replacement Dentistry

Cause and Effect Factors in Implant Dentistry

It is well known that dental Implants are considered to be the Gold Standard of tooth replacement.

No other dental technology approaches the efficiency and accuracy of an implanted tooth and the benefits derived from it. The artificial root structure is second only to Mother Nature herself.

Hard and soft tissue stimulation created by the implant device preserves critical bone mass and sustains life in surrounding tissues. Properly implemented and without complication they can provide years and years and years of dependable service. Implants enduring for 35 years and more is not unheard of.

Nonetheless..... implant failures do occur. In healthier young bone tissue, dental implants have a higher predictability for success since compromised or deteriorated jawbone conditions probably don't exist, thereby eliminating the need for bone and tissue grafts. Periodontal disease has a lower incidence with younger patients also.

3i Innovations Problem Solving Implant Technologies

Early Implant Failures

Technique errors can cause implants to fail early. Overheating of the bone during site preparation can be a factor. Using too much force or not enough force (torque) at the time of insertion into the bone can be a factor also.

Contamination issues involving the implant itself and/or the implant site within the bone material will cause failure by interfering with the osseointegration process (bone material fully integrates the implant device with no rejection issues). Improperly placed temporaries, if used, may result in excessive forces upon the implant device thereby preventing normal osseointegration. Lastly, poor quality of bone is a common cause.

Late Implant Failures

Implants that become wobbly, loose or fall out after a significant period of optimal function typically result from excessive forces on the implant... which most commonly arises out of a shifting bite or changes in the vertical dimension (normal height of upper and lower jaws in the resting position).

Simple wear and tear issues on adjacent teeth can be the culprit as well as teeth clenching.

Lateral forces that tend to exert pressure in a way that pushes the tooth on a horizontal plane usually come from changes in adjacent and opposing tooth structures... again a function of the occlusal relationship.

3i Innovations Problem Solving Implant Technologies

Differential Diagnostics, Physics and Experience

In some situations, determining the cause effect relationship can be an academic pursuit. In other cases it is almost imperative to understand the constellation of factors that can result in a failed implant.

Nobel Biocare and a variety of other popular implant device manufacturers provide Dr. Scalzitti and her implant team a wide spectrum of hybrid implant devices that are designed to address and overcome predictability for success issues.

The adjacent illustrations reflect certain design differences (last one is most evident) and osseointegration properties of each device. Today's rapid advancement in dental technologies generate more and more specialized solutions for treatment problems that weren't treatable just a few years ago.

Fixing Implants and Restorations

Patients seeking either a crisis intervention strategy or merely want the absolute best that implant dentistry can provide should seek experienced doctors who rely on several technologies from different dental component suppliers to achieve the greatest number of choices in treatment plan development.

Patients should procede with treatment ONLY when they fully understand the dynamics of their particular implant needs. Implantology is extremely technique sensitive. Ask to see before and after photos of treatment plans that closely approximate the current need.

Avoiding Implant Failure

Patients with special circumstances regarding current tissue health and the appropriateness of implant surgery are invited to contact Dr. Scalzitti for more technical information.

Call our office at (512) 263-3330 to schedule a complimentary consultation or use our on-line Ask The Dentist form to submit your questions directly to Dr. Scalzitti. She will respond to you directly with the answers or information you need to make an informed decision about sensible treatment.

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