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Reconstructive Implant Dentistry

Branemark Dental Implant System - The Gold Standard

Implant Dentistry, as a procedure (or constellation of procedures) has been employed since about 1965.

The founder or original developer of the dental implant procedure and a variety of the components used in dental implants, Dr. P-I Branemark, developed what is considered to be the "Gold Standard" of modern implant dentistry. The Branemark System of Nobel Biocare.

In our office, Dr. Scalzitti uses a variety of proven dental implant technologies for replacing individual teeth, replacing several teeth, creating implant anchors for premium bridges and the now popular use of mini implants or standard implants for anchoring dentures and advanced prosthodontics.

Our dental implant patients are thereby assured of receiving the best that implant dentistry technologies can provide... with the assurance that their dentistry outcomes will endure for years to come. Additional dental implant photos can be found here.

Austin Dental Implants in 1 Day

One of the more recent, cutting edge technologies developed by Branemark that is now available to many patients is Immediate Load or Immediate Placement dental implant.

This unique dental implant procedure enables patients to be fitted for crowns on the same day (or within 2-3 days for some cases) the implant device is installed.

There is no typical 3-6 month waiting period for the dental implant site to heal or stabilize via osseointegration (titanium implant post fuses with jawbone).

Traditional Austin Implant Dentistry

Dr. Scalzitti provides the more traditional dental implant procedures for those patients who are not candidates for Immediate Load implants. Dental implants represent the "procedure of choice" for many of our patients.. enabling them to enjoy the natural feeling, dental (muscular) function and aesthetic appearance that is unattainable with any other dental procedure.

Candidates for dental implant based tooth (or teeth) replacement are provided with the information that should be known regarding how different types of implant materials are used for anterior (front) tooth replacement, implants for anchoring various types of bridgework and implant elements for posterior (back) teeth and molars. There is no "one-size-fits-all" concept in dental implant technologies and procedures.

Dental Implant Questions?

Contact our support staff or our Implant Team at (512) 263-3330 or use our convenient Ask The Dentist contact form to arrange a private consultation.

Learn more about the treatment choices for dental implant tooth replacement procedures that can include traditional dental implants, immediate load and Imtec mini dental implant solutions for the replacement of multiple teeth.

Obtain the details you need for making an informed decision about which combinations of cosmetic and dental implant procedures you would gain the most benefit from.

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