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Over 430 people have taken the time to review Bee Cave Dental on Please click here to read the 430+ reviews online! Below are a few of those that we found particularly touching.

"Personal, caring, and professional service from information to followup. Every person in the office made sure that only the best care was given and that we were informed. The instructions for aftercare for the periodontal laser treatment were as careful as the procedure itself. More than happy with everything. We highly recommend the laser treatment over traditional periodontal procedure because it saved time and pain."
-Mary D.

"Admittedly, it had been way too long since I had been to a dentist. I was several years overdue for an exam, cleaning, etc. I am 40 years old and was a bit embarrassed to start the xray process to find out how "bad" it was going to be. I cannot tell you how professional and comforting my experience with Dr. Scalzitti and her staff was. Sherry was my hygenist and she was wonderful - so informative and comforting!!!! I received great advice and reccommendations with genuine concern. I left feeling confident that all would be ok and my teeth felt great! I highly recommend Dr. Scalzitti and her staff."
-Jill J.

"I have never had a better experience with dentistry. Dr Scalzitti does a fabulous job and her concern about patient comfort cannot be exceeded. I have switched from a dentist less than a mile from my home to drive over 30 miles (one way!) to see Dr. Scalzitti, because she really does make that much of a difference."
-Carol F.

"I had a gum laser treatment yesterday and I couldnt be happier. The treatment was painless and the staff were amazing. I would highly recomend this service instead of the traditional gum exsizing and scalling. I love the staff and I had only slight soreness afterwards which i just took Advil, that was it. Today is nothing, no pain or discomort. Amazing. Thank you Bee Cave Dental, your the best!!"
-Eileena A.

"I absolutely love Corinne and the staff at Bee Cave Dental! They are all so kind, helpful, and they listen to their patients. They are all VERY knowledgeable about dentistry, but without ego. They take the time to personalize service to each and every one of their patients... Something that is hard to find these days."

"Kudos to all of you at the office. I am not sure I ever hear any of my friends say they enjoy their dental appointments but I look forward to my visits and the friendliness of the staff and Dr. Scalzitti. You are all so positive and so knowledgeable. I feel that I am in good hands and do appreciate the thorough care you provide for me. Thank you for being so careful about handling x-rays. They have always been a problem but no other dentist has ever been so careful to avoid the pain I often experience. You are all very special folks."
-Lois D.

"Dr. Scalzitti and her team make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience (even when the drill is involved). They always remember me, are incredibly personable, and are helping me finally get the smile I want and deserve. I will never go anywhere else--I even moved and still drive to Bee Cave for all of my dental work. Hands down, no one will take better care of you."
-Shennandoah D.


"Many years ago, I had my bottom denture replaced. From the day and hour I got  them, they never fit or felt comfortable. Many return trips to the dentist for adjustments did not resolve my dilemma. I finally took them out and went about my life, as best as I could. However, an unexpected meeting with a friend or neighbor left me very embarrassed. That's when I learned to talk with my hand over my mouth. It had an adverse affect on my social life and I was slowly becoming a recluse. In September, 2004, I went to my present dentist, Dr. Scalzitti, DMED, MAGD, for a routine checkup. I then mentioned my problem concerning my bottom dentures. She informed me on a new procedure to have permanent implants. I readily agreed to have her apply the latest technology. I had no hesitation because I trusted Dr. Scalzitti, based on her past performance in caring for my family's dental well being. In keeping with Dr. Scalzitti's no pain philosophy, she expertly applied the new procedure. When she had finished, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I couldn't believe the difference-no discomfort-no more embarrassments when meeting with folks I knew-eating everything from steak to apples. I cant believe how my social person returned, I believe even better than before, since they are beautiful to see when I talk or smile. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends, neighbors, or anyone else to Dr. Scalzitti to discuss dental implants. This is my testimony, concerning the wonder success, to having the procedure done. Dr. Scalzitti demonstrated professionalism, along with her able staff. They deserve the accolades that I sincerely pass on to them. Hopefully, my expressed satisfaction for this new procedure, and her expertise, will provide encouragement for anyone considering the transformation of having implants that fit and feel like the real thing. I cant thank them enough."  
                                                                                                                                               -Mona K.

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