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Adult Reconstructive Cosmetic Prosthodontics

Teeth Replacement Dentistry

Dentures have been a popular option for replacing teeth since about 700 B.C., using real teeth, ivory, bone and porcelain. More recently, George Washington, although rumored to have wood teeth... actually had modern dentures (of that era) made of walrus, hippopotamus and elephant ivory, horse and human teeth.

George, by the way, started losing his teeth in his 20's.

Today, acrylic teeth are the most popular, while porcelain teeth are used by patients for purely cosmetic reasons and sometimes functional reasons that may involve wear and tear dynamics.

Treatment Advantages: Short Term - Long Term

Predictable Bone Loss Issues

Beautiful Hollywood Makeover Denture Austin
Denture Teeth or Real Teeth?
As long term denture wearers have come to know quite well... most common denture products start causing immediate bone loss in the upper and lower jaws. The edentulation process (removal of all teeth in an arch) removes tooth roots which are vital in stimulating jawbone material and keeping it healthy.

Experiencing a 40% loss of bone in less than 5 years is not uncommon.

Patients who have been wearing dentures for 30-40 years or more (ages 60 to 90 and even older) are now making the unfortunate discovery that unsupported or non anchored dentures can cause a situation where there is insufficient bone width and height that prevents the use of any kind of denture prosthetic.

Longer Life Spans

We are all living longer and leading very healthy lifestyles compared to just 30 years ago. As people realize they have the ability to remain very active into their senior years (no rocking chairs) the quality and quantity of good looking and normal functioning teeth takes on a new importance.

Getting the Best Advantages

Imtec Mini Denture Implants
Imtec Mini Implants Demo Model
Popular JawBone Saver
Just about anyone considering denture treatments is vaguely familiar with some of the disadvantages of wearing common dentures. Falling out, clicking noises, difficult to eat with, gag responses, staining easily (yellow denture tinge), odor, embarrassment, look fake, feel fake, unattractive and sometimes painful to use are some of the most common complaints.

Few people realize, however, that ALL of those problems, antipated or not, can be easily overcome with proper planning and foresight.

Creative Time - Tabling

Many creative dentists are now using cosmetic grade denture products (and partials) as an integral part of an upgrade path that enables patients to get the treatments they need that simultaneously meets the need of having new teeth today... nearly instantly... while being able to manage the future need of having great teeth nearly forever, without the misery of losing bone, teeth and overall basic dental function.

In theory, there is probably no other comparable treatment (in terms of time and cost resoures) that surpasses the functional results of a good denture product.

Discounting the complications that can arise from delaying treatments for too long (rotten teeth, too many extractions, various flavors of gum disease, serious collapsed bite, common avoidance of edentulation) the fitting of a sensible denture can be a non-event.

Patients who report miserable experiences with first time denture use typically have one or more of the issues listed above that have caused denture design and fitting to go awry. Nonetheless, denture dentists who have access to a variety of supplemental products or services can make just about any unusual need less complicated with good long term results.

Bone Preservation and Function

If bone preservation is a strong, current factor while getting a sensible affordable solution to immediate teeth replacement for cosmetic or functional reasons, Dr. Scalzitti can add a choice of features that will maintain bone integrity in key areas (or all areas) of the upper and/or lower arches.

Controlling the amount of hard and soft tissue loss... or preventing it entirely should be selectively managed by the patient. First time denture wearers who are unsure of how to plan for immediate treatment while maintaining an eye on cosmetics and function for a few years into the future.... or several are assisted in making prudent decisions for avoiding unwanted surprises later.

Converting Dentures

The addition of features or modification of denture products, when new, are an integral part of the treatment planning.. the goals of which are defined by the patient.

Getting the Best Advantages

Eat Apples
Apples... again
Great cosmetics, bite strength of of a horse, denture teeth that wear like iron, dental face lifts (yes, it is possible), dentures that never move, dentures that stay in the mouth, gag free dentures that are solid but easy to remove and dentures that don't look like dentures. These are popular features that most patients want with a new fitting.

Older denture products with minimal wear can often be converted into a prosthetic that has some of the features listed above.

Implant supported, implant retained immovable denture is a popular conversion request. Modifying a difficult to wear upper denture into a gag free removable bridge is also possible for some patients.

Advancements in Fabrication and Acrylics

Dentures do not have to look like dentures nor feel like dentures. Every patient can indeed define what they want in terms of how they will look and feel... along with the ability to be care free about how they function from day to day.

In short, a modern leading edge denture can possess many of the same characteristics of a premium fixed bridge yet at a fraction of the cost.

Dr. Scalzitti uses a variety of local and national laboratories... each having a proven and unique niche to create denture prosthetic features that average dental labs are unable to create with the same degree of precision.


Call us at (512) 263-3330 to arrange a complimentary consult with Dr. Scalzitti to learn more about the treatment possibilities with modern dentures. Patients are now able to design replacement teeth that are nearly indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Patients with specific questions about the material on this page are invited to contact Dr. Scalzitti directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Scalzitti will reply to you directly with the answers or additional information you are seeking..

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