Implant Supported Dentures Keep Your Dentures Secure and In Place

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Implant supported dentures are snapped into place on top of dental implants. This provides a secure fit and hold, eliminating looseness or slipping without the need for paste or adhesives. Implant supported dentures are designed so that they can be removed for regular cleaning, or you can opt for fixed implant supported dentures, which function as permanent teeth.

Differences Between Implants and Dentures
No More Loose Dentures
Implant-Supported Dentures in Austin, TX
 Implant supported dentures differ from regular dentures in that they are anchored to your mouth by dental implants. While dentures supported by implants are most often placed in the lower jaw, they can be place in the upper jaw as well. This type of denture does not required the use of any paste or adhesives. They simply snap on to implants surgically place in your jaw. Implant supported dentures can be removed at will, or if you have fixed implant supported dentures, they will act as permanent teeth.

Implant supported dentures come in two types:

Bar-Retained Dentures – This type of dentures required three or more implants to be placed within the gums. A metal bar is attached to these implants which runs along the gum line. The denture is then attached to the bar using clips or other types of attachments. Many patients prefer this type of implant supported denture because it is more comfortable and secure.

Ball Retained Dentures- These types of dentures supported by implants are secured using the ball and socket method. This works by fitting the dentures with sockets and the implants with balls. The dentures can then be snapped into place where the balls and sockets meet. Ball-retained dentures allow wearers to eat more foods and speak more clearly than traditional dentures.
Implant Supported Dentures in Austin, TX
Traditional dentures are often felt to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Patients often complain of discomfort, embarrassment, and dissatisfaction with their appearance. Dentures do not act as natural teeth. Because they do not stimulate the bone, they can cause bone and gum loss over time.

Dentures supported by implants, however, are less painful, more comfortable and attractive. Dentures supported by implants act as natural teeth to stimulate the bone and prevent bone loss. Implant supported dentures do not slip out of place and do not look fake. Patients can eat any food they like and remove their dentures at night for cleaning.

In order to properly care for your implant supported dentures, it is important to remove them at night and clean them thoroughly. You also need to clean the attachments to prevent gum disease or decay. Patients curious about implant supported dentures in Austin, TX should contact to offices of Dr. Corinne Scalzitti today! 

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