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Benefits of Non-Surgical Implants
Some of the benefits include:

  • No more bad breath
  • Better functioning for chewing and speech.
  • Easy to care after
  • No loose feeling
  • Comfortable fitting
  • Successful rating among patients
  • No cutting or sutures
  • No adhesives
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Non-Surgical Dental Implants
Non-Surgical Dental Implants

Non-Surgical Dental Implants in Austin, TX

Mini implants, including the most popular versions manufactured by Imtec, Sterngold and MDI, have become established as the perfect solution for securing or anchoring a variety of denture prosthetics for both the upper and lower jaws.

Common Applications

Mini implants are most commonly used for anchoring the lower denture with a typical configuration of 4 or 6 implant devices. Upper dentures can be converted to palateless dentures for those patients who have adequate jawbone integrity and overall tissue health.

Patients who have either or both dentures secured by mini-implants commonly report the satisfying experience of being able to have the dental function of normal teeth again. Munching on peanuts, chewing gum, biting into rock hard MacIntosh apples and eating whole carrots becomes nearly effortless again.

Advanced Applications

Bone Grafting Implications

Mini implants possess physical characteristics that are unlike traditional dental implants. Patients undergoing regular implant surgery are often required to await grafting success.... which can take 3 to 6 months additional waiting time, before implants are placed.

Hybrid implants made by Imtec and MDI enable the doctor to place an implant in healthy bone without extensive surgery and preparation. The 3 dimensional space requirements of these implants is different from traditional implants

Many patients can enjoy the benefits of mini implant placements that are usually completed in a matter of a few hours..... rather than weeks or months. Critical osseointegration issues are practically non existant, enabling an "immediate load" function that characterizes "teeth in a day" or "same day teeth" that many of our discriminating patients want.

Case History: Wanting More from Tooth Replacement Dentistry

The photo sequence pictured here depicts a routine tooth replacement option for a woman who had a significant history of gum disease, gum recession, loss of connective tissues (teeth were shifting, becoming mobile) that was causing her to lose the ability to eat many favorite foods and, more importantly, was impacting her social functioning.

PerioLase technologies and routine supportive therapies were used to successfully to all but eliminate the tissue loss problems and infectious process.

Our patient had excellent bone quantity and quality in the upper jaw (primary area of rehabilitation). She was fitted with a snug cosmetic grade denture product that recreated the dental function she had lost long ago.

Initially, she looked good and felt great. In time, however, the patient wanted more .... much more.

She wanted the look and natural feel that only porcelain teeth can provide, but without the typical invasiveness and surgery associated with routine implant dentistry.

A highly discriminating woman, she wanted the best dentistry possible, given the overall health of her jawbone and gingival tissues. Two choices were available: Custom denture with porcelain teeth or an all porcelain fixed bridge.

Dr. Scalzitti determined that the upper jawbone integrity and tissue health would permit the use of non-surgical implant placements that would eliminate the need for traditional implant site preparation, invasive perio flap surgery and adjunctive bone graft tissue supplements.

The Imtec product line of mini implants enabled the patient to have all of her implants placed in the healthiest areas of her upper jaw.. all in one appointment. No invasive surgery, no grafting and no suturing.

Once the cosmetic adjustments to the new bridge were completed, the new porcelain teeth were attached to the implants without the usual healing and osseointegration requirements of traditional implants.

Denture Acrylics vs. Premium Porcelain

With an appropriate number of mini implants, patients can now choose between denture products or a range of cosmetic porcelain teeth. Fixed porcelain bridgework eliminates the occasional problem of denture products that incorporate porcelain denture teeth.

Dr. Scalzitti is one of the few dentists in the Austin and Travis County area who have been trained in the use of advanced tooth replacement protocols with the Imtec product line.

Individual tooth replacements with the Imtec implant design is possible for some patients.

Mini implants are used by Dr. Scalzitti for both lower and upper jaws. Certain bone quality and density conditions must exist for having implants without bone grafts.

Jawbone Rehabilitation in Austin, TX
Upper and Lower Jaw Gum Disease, Upper Jawbone Rehabilitation
Denture Prosthesis
Cosmetic Denture Prosthesis Still "Feels" Like a Denture

Non Surgical Dental Implants
Non-Surgical Dental Implants One Appointment Dentistry

Porcelain Fixed Upper Bridge
Porcelain Fixed Upper Bridge
No Plastic No Bulky Feel
Porcelain Teeth Replacement
Porcelain Teeth Replacement
Unsurpassed Looks, Feel, and Function

Porcelain Teeth Replacement
Porcelain Teeth Replacement 
Unsurpassed Looks, Feel, and Function

More recently, implant developers (notably Imtec and MDI) have developed treatment protocols that now enable patients to "graduate" to the use of premium grade porcelain fixed bridgework with mini implant design elements that eliminate the need for grafting, invasive perio flaps (gum tissues are separated from boney ridge to facilitate traditional implant surgery) and surgical implant site preparation (single - multiple grafts, Guided Tissue Regeneration, PRP, etc).


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