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Snap-On Dentures provides patients with a long-term quality solution for their smile! Snap-On Dentures is easy and painless, comfortable fitting, never loses functionality, and not only do you get a new smile, but you can maintain your existing teeth.

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Snap on Dentures

Today's dental technologies for fabricating denture teeth are quite extensive compared to what was available just a few years ago.
Custom fabrication methods, special acrylics, cosmetic grade denture teeth and shade specific tinting methods enable Dr. Scalzitti to create denture products that are comparable to porcelain bridgework at a fraction of the cost.

New Implant Choices for Snap On Teeth Replacements

Cumulative Damage Before

Cumulative Damage Before 

Lost bone, Gums, and Teeth

Lost Bone, Gums, and Teeth

Implant Site

Upper Jaw Extractions and Implant Site Development 

Implant Suturing

Implants and Periodontal Suturing 

Lowing Implant Suturing

Mandibular Lower Implant Suturing

Snap on Teeth Reconstruction

Snap On Teeth Reconstruction Success

Attachment methods, for those patients who seek rock solid performance of prosthetic teeth that match what bridgework normally provides, have also increased. Zest Locators, which are mounted onto traditional dental implants, produce a "snap-on" effect for upper and/or lower dentures.

Although mini dental implants remain a popular choice, traditional dental implants have a much wider diameter and provide superb bone stimulation which can be critical for some patients.... and simply preferred by other patients.

The Zest attachment protocol is ideal for upper jaws where bone quantity or quality is somewhat compromised. Even when bone quality is not an issue, many patients select the Zest attachment procedure over traditional implants for "comfort reasons."
Comprehensive Teeth Replacement Options

Cumulative Damage

Advanced or untreated gum disease can cause significant loss of bone and gums as a patient ages. Pictured here is a patient whose executive work schedule had prevented the "normal" oral health habits that our patients are encouraged to practice.

Years and years of patchwork dentistry created a cumulative result of having a mouthful of restorative procedures and products that each have different aging and "wear" properties.

The obvious mis-match of treatments over several years have caused orthodontic and bite problems that make normal dental function impossible. Pain, discomfort and eating difficulties are quite severe.

The removal of all the old restorations further revealed losses of bone tissue in critical locations that influenced the patient's choice of teeth replacement options.

This patient's upper and lower jaws were edentulated (total removal of all teeth) that simultaneously removed all instances of gum disease processes. Bone leveling was provided, as needed, to create a level plane for promoting the best bite dynamics.

Best Advantage with Least Surgery

Although many patients would choose to have multiple bone grafts and implants on both jaws, our patient instead elected to have minimal surgeries and implant placements with functional results that would be similar to expensive bridgework.

The edentulated upper jaw pictured at the right reveals the numerous extraction sites but with less loss of bone.

Upper jaw implants were then placed with specific spacing along the jawbone. Bone grafting was used supplementally to fill in as needed.

A total of eight (8) implants in the upper jaw and lower jaw were placed to provide a solid foundation for new denture attachments while assuring long term healing of the grafted areas.

Temporary Mini Implants

Temporary or provisional non surgical implants were also placed to enable the patient to wear immediate dentures while waiting for overall tissue healing and complete osseointegration of the new implants. Dr. Scalzitti uses MDL for mini dental implants.

New Teeth in One Appointment

Despite undergoing full mouth extractions and multiple dental implant surgeries, the patient completed his comprehensive treatments in one visit and left the office with teeth.

Osseointegration Phase

Due to the amount of tissue damage (bone, gums) and the presence of active periodontitis that required thorough removal of diseased tissues, the healing or total osseointegration period required approximately 4 months.

Socket grafts and generalized grafting procedures were used through both the upper and lower arches.

Implant sites (for traditional implants) were augmented as needed. GRT (Guided Tissue Regeneration membranes were also use to assure control of the tissue regeneration process.

Premium Grade Prosthetic Design

Cosmetic denture prosthetics were designed to fit precisely onto the implants (via Zest Locators) that enabled the patient to easily remove the dentures as frequently as needed for cleaning and comfort.

During the healing stage, the temporary dentures enabled the patient and Dr. Scalzitti to make adjustments to overall bite and the cosmetic values desired by the patient.


Our patients are now able to design replacement teeth that are nearly indistinguishable from what Mother Nature provides.

Long term denture wearers seeking replacements can choose to enjoy the prospect of maintaining the convenience of removable prosthetic teeth yet benefit from having teeth that have the bite strength and cosmetic qualities of porcelain bridgework at a fraction of the cost.

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