Palateless Denture Modification Video

Palateless dentures have become a very popular treatment option for new denture wearers and seasoned denture wearers alike. Implants are placed in the upper jaw bony ridge at specific locations to distribute biting forces evenly. Locators, or attachment devices are used to make the denture snap into place with relative ease. The implant attachment system eliminates the need for "suction" to keep the denture in place.

The acrylic area that typically covers the roof of the mouth is removed. The improvement in overall dental function, comfort and convenience almost defies description. Foods that had to be avoided in the past become a joy to eat. The Gag Response (affects some patients) is eliminated. The implant devices are of the traditional type (not mini), providing optimal stimulation of bone at each implant site that keeps bone tissue healthy. No more disappearing bone.


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