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Periodontics / LANAP Laser Therapy

Gum Disease Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Great smile due to periodontal therapy for gum diseaseGum disease is a serious condition that causes more tooth loss than cavities. It begins as simple gingivitis, but creeps deeper under the gum tissues as time goes by. Slowly, the gums detach from the teeth and bone loss causes teeth to become mobile or even fall out.

Symptoms of periodontal disease often include:

  •    Bad Breath
  •    Gum Recession
  •    Gums that Bleed
  •    Swelling
  •    Food Packing Between Teeth
  •    Loose Teeth
  •    Sensitivity

We offer the following conventional, as well as non-surgical techniques, to help save your smile from tooth loss:

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleanings remove calcified bacterial deposits along the roots of your teeth. This creates a clean environment where the gums can reattach to your tooth, preventing additional bone loss.

Pinhole Surgery

Need gum grafting but aren’t up for painful, invasive surgeries? Dr. Scalzitti is one of the few Austin area dentists to provide pinhole surgery. Pinhole techniques help you save your teeth, return aesthetics, and prevent sensitivity.

LANAP – Laser Therapy

Graphic showing how gums recede from the tooth. Invasive gum flap surgeries can be avoided with LANAP – an advanced laser technique that treats gum disease and speeds up recovery time. We implement LANAP into deep cleaning appointments to provide our patients with severe gum disease the best opportunity for recovery.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease or have been told that you need surgery, call us. We can help you with a care plan that is customized to your oral health needs using the least invasive techniques possible. Free consultations are available. We also offer emergency dental services.

LANAP animation w Dawn’s Voice from Now Media Group on Vimeo.